CCJ Maths

The first few days of planning for each Block are always available in the 'Free Planning' area, but you'll need to log on to the 'Members' area to get the full plans and resources. The folders in the members' section also have resources to supplement the planning files, including a learning objectives / success criteria chart for each block. Yearly membership is available for £25. Contact me to be invoiced for school membership.
If there are particular areas you find difficult for children to learn do let me know and I'll find some new ways of approaching them for you.



If you would like support to use the planning effectively and/or develop its use across your school, do contact me. A staff meeting can cost from as little as £300, and can be enormously helpful in developing practical, investigative maths and progression across your school.

Each year group has folders containing the relevant vocabulary for the former A to E blocks. This is available in three formats, depending on how you would like to print it. During the summer these will be revised to support the new curriculum.

All the National Strategy ITPs are here, together with the Word manuals showing how to use each one. Many of these ITPs can be found in the planning blocks, though you may prefer to download them from here in one folder.

Can't find the ITP you're looking for? Try the ITP thumbnails file. All the ITPs are shown, together with an image and description for each one.

The National Strategies spreadsheet files are in this folder, together with guidance documents for some of the spreadsheets and a few related Smartboard files.

Can't find the Spreadsheet you're looking for? Try the Spreadsheet thumbnails file. All the Spreadsheets are shown, together with an image and description for each one.

The resources section contains a wide variety of items for Primary maths.

It includes 'Straws', which has had nearly 90,000 downloads from the TES resources website, Y1 catch-up, and the incredible 'Monty'!

These files will help you support calculation in your school. The Calculation Policy helps you teach calculation with understanding and shows progression across the primary years.

In here you will find 'I do it my way', a booklet for teachers, children and parents, and 'Counting sticks', which is full of ideas for counting from Year 1 to Year 6 and beyond - with a counting stick or without.

Also included is 'Odd and even numbers - a powerpoint to help you really see what happens when you add or subtract them', and another powerpoint to help children understand that the order in which you multiply numbers doesn't matter.

I have also added 'Mark making matters', which deals with the progression of recording in both numeracy and literacy through the early years. This is also useful to Key Stage 1 staff as they develop children's understanding of recording through pictures and number lines, making sure that all recording flows from real activities and makes total sense to the child.


How do you know what a child has missed, or what comes next? 

Progression sheets give you the answers. They develop the NCETM Progression mapping sheets and add the ccjmaths 'I can' statements, ordering them so you can see progression clearly across Key Stages 1 and 2.

Not only are they a vital resource for SENCOs, 1 to 1 tutors and those running intervention groups, they are just what you need to help you differentiate your teaching.

I started the Problem Solving folder with the CPD materials produced by the Primary Strategy in 2004.

These include lessons for all years from Foundation Stage to Year 6, covering 'Solving logic problems', 'Finding rules and patterns', and 'Finding all possibilities'.

They're really worth using throughout the school to assess and develop children's skills in those areas. 

Also included are some booklets from the Numeracy Strategy. These are 'Calculators', 'Shape and Space' and 'Problem solving'. You will find some of the activities from these booklets used in the planning, but it's worth downloading them for extra ideas.

The National Strategies 'Pitch and expectations' files are here, together a document to help you with collecting evidence. 

Members resources Include the complete planning folders. Register here for access to these files. Do email me if you would like more information first.